• Why EPA2?

    Using the Executable Portfolio Analyzer, you can easily:

    • Identify load modules that are more likely to migrate successfully to a new compiler with minimal intervention.
    • Identify load modules that are more likely to create difficulties during a migration to a new compiler or run-time environment.
      • Improve performance of load modules simply by recompiling them with different options.
      • Ensure that production programs conform to installation standards for compiler and linkage-editor options.
    • Identify load modules that will be impacted by changing a specified CSECT, e.g., the data module.
    • Identify the language used by all programs that use a particular facility of the system, e.g., What languages are used to access DB2 facilities?
    • Identify load modules containing Assembler CSECTs that reference the system date using the TIME system macro or the Store clock (STCK) hardware instruction. In addition, by using an EPA2 External Analyzer, high level language (HLL) use of date facilities can be identified.

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